Student FAQ

May 21, 2023


Student FAQ

What is YidPro?
YidPro is an online learning platform that provides high-quality, frum-friendly educational content. We offer a variety of courses on a variety of topics from expert within the Heimishe community. We offer a variety of courses for all levels of learners, from beginners to experts.

Who can use YidPro?
YidPro is open to anyone who is interested in upping their skills whether professional or self growth.

How do I use YidPro?
To use YidPro, simply create a free account. Once you have created an account, you can browse our catalog of courses and find the ones that are right for you. You can then purchase the courses that you want and start learning!

How much does it cost to use YidPro?
The cost of using YidPro varies depending on the course you choose. Some are free and some are paid, prices are set by the individual authors.

How can I get help with YidPro?
If you have any questions about YidPro, please contact us by email or through our website. We are always happy to help!

We hope you will consider using YidPro. We are excited to help you learn and grow!


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