Google Sheets Beginner Course

Learn the essentials of Google Sheets, including navigation, data entry, basic calculations, formatting, and sharing.
Level: Beginner
Language: English
Total Course Duration: 1h 17m
YidPro Staff ·July 4, 2024

Start your journey with Google Sheets by enrolling in this comprehensive free beginner course. Begin with an introduction to the Start Page and interface, learning to navigate and use the search menus effectively. Gain proficiency in selecting cells, entering, and editing data, and explore the powerful Explore feature to analyze data effortlessly.

Learn to perform simple calculations and build basic formulas, understanding the difference between relative and absolute references. Master copying formulas and functions with AutoFill and use it to complete a series of values quickly. Insert, delete, rename, move, and copy worksheets to organize your data efficiently.

Enhance your data presentation by formatting cells, aligning text, rotating text, and using text wrapping. Apply cell design and formatting worksheet data, and use Sheets templates to streamline your work. Learn to freeze panes for easier data viewing, apply currency formatting, and hide rows and columns for cleaner spreadsheets.

Ensure your data is accurate with spell check, use full-screen view for an uncluttered workspace, and understand various printing and download options. Discover how to publish your sheets to the web and send sheets as emails for easy sharing. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in Google Sheets, ready to create and manage your spreadsheets efficiently.

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Google Sheets Beginner Course.

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