Google Sheets Advanced Course

Enhance your Google Sheets skills with advanced sorting, filtering, charting, pivot tables, complex functions, and more.
Level: Intermediate
Language: English
Total Course Duration: 1h 35m
YidPro Staff ·July 8, 2024

Take your Google Sheets proficiency to the next level with this free advanced course. Start by mastering single and multi-level sorting and learn to filter records in a list using various methods, including search filter and filter by condition. Customize your views with custom filter views and get skilled at inserting and formatting data charts.

Delve into editing chart elements, adding and removing data from charts, and inserting sparklines for data visualization. Learn to apply alternating colored rows for better readability, and use the alternating colors button for quick formatting.

Get hands-on experience creating pivot tables and pivot charts, and learn to filter within pivot tables using slicers. Explore the IF function and get introduced to nesting functions for more complex calculations. Understand how to use the VLOOKUP and IFERROR functions for efficient data retrieval and error handling.

Learn to create and apply names in a worksheet for easier reference and use summary-based functions like SUMIF(S) and AVERAGEIF for conditional calculations. Master text functions like LEFT, RIGHT, MID, CONCATENATE, and split text-to-columns for data manipulation.

Finally, discover how to share and manage permissions for collaborative work and automate repetitive tasks with macros. By the end of this course, you’ll be equipped with advanced skills to handle complex data analysis and management tasks in Google Sheets efficiently.

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