Excel Beginner Course

Learn the fundamentals of Excel, including interface navigation, data entry, basic functions, formatting, and worksheet management.
Level: Beginner
Language: English
Total Course Duration: 1h 0m
YidPro Staff ·June 26, 2024

This comprehensive free beginner course is designed to introduce you to the essential features and functionalities of Microsoft Excel. You will start with an overview of the Excel interface, learning how to navigate and use the search and help functions. Gain proficiency in navigating and selecting cells, entering, replacing, and deleting data, and adjusting cell sizes.

Discover how to perform basic calculations, utilize formulas, and apply functions to your data. The course covers essential skills like AutoFill, and understanding relative and absolute cell references, which are crucial for effective data manipulation.

Learn to save and share your workbooks, add comments for better collaboration, and efficiently insert rows and columns. Master cut, copy, and paste functions to streamline your workflow, and format your data with cell styles to enhance readability.

Additionally, you will explore how to manage multiple worksheets, hide rows and columns, and create custom views tailored to your needs. The course concludes with instructions on reviewing and printing worksheets, ensuring you can present your data professionally and accurately. By the end of this course, you’ll have a solid foundation in Excel, ready to tackle more advanced features and functions.

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Excel Beginner Course.

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